Machines for the aluminum industry

Sturdy and customized machines for the processing of aluminum in all its uses, with high productivity and precision guaranteed over time

Doors an windows machines

Machines for cutting, milling and assembling aluminium doors, windows and pergolas. Extremely versatile and precise both with manual and numerical control.

Reliability, innovation and assistance

1Reliability and precision

We have always used only Italian and therefore high quality components, which guarantee reliability and precision, unparalleled efficiency and safety over time.

Reliability is synonymous with good functioning. Precision is synonymous with accuracy.
These are the requirements you will find on OMC machines

2Continuous Innovation

Innovation is our constant goal.

It is the desire for renewal that pushes OMC to the continuous search for new components and solutions to keep up with the times.

3Assistance service

The OMC team is available 24 hours to provide technical assistance worldwide
whether by telephone, email or Skype, our technicians can guarantee immediate answers and timely solutions.

Our spare parts warehouse is able to fulfill any request
also of components of machines produced by us over 30 years.

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