Main features

  • built entirely in Italy with top quality steels according to the most recent CE standards
  • large cutting capacity profiles and pergolas
  • displayed inclination and automatic pneumatic tool feed
  • cutting precision of +/- 2 tenths of a millimeter
  • great cut finish as ground
  • robustness and ease of use
  • specialist technical support from the parent company, and spare parts, H24

Single head ascending cutting machine with rising blade output


ITALIA 700 is a single-head cutting-off machine with rising blade output and high cutting capacity, for processing large aluminum and PVC profiles.
The blade rotation is manual displayed on both sides, with fixed gradations of 45 ° right, left and 90 °, while for the intermediate gradations, with automatic pneumatic stop.

The 700 mm blade is in widia and with adjustable oil-dynamic feed, constantly lubricated by a nebulizer with an intensity that is also adjustable according to the profile to be machined.

Like all our saws, it is designed for the application of a numerical feedback system, and vacuums for evacuation of fumes and chips.

Accessories supplied

Main features

Tool motor power4 kW 1800 RPM
Tool shaft Φ / Tool Φ35 / 700 mm
Three-phase220-400 V. 50 Hz
Air consumption18 N/l
Operating pressure7 atm.
Overall dimensions1700 x 1200 x 1900 h. mm

Ascending cut-off demonstration video Italia 700

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