Main features

  • built entirely in Italy with first quality steels according to the most recent CE standards
  • automatic endless endless cutting without operator
  • cart travel 600 mm

  • can also cut profiles longer than 600 mm
  • cutting precision of +/- 1 tenth of a millimeter
  • fully guarded
  • specialized technical support from the parent company, and spare parts, H24

Single-head cutting-off machine with ascending blade exit for automatic 90 ° cutting of aluminum and PVC profiles in a continuous cycle.

The measurement of the piece is obtained through mechanical stop on a metric rod.

The 450 or 500 mm blade is in widia with oil-dynamic advancement, adjustable both in exit speed and in depth of the cut.

Lubrication is ensured by a pneumatic nebulizer with adjustable intensity

Like all our saws, it is designed for the application of a numerical feedback system, and vacuums for evacuation of fumes and chips.

Accessories supplied

Technical specifications


Tool motor power3 kW 2800 RPM
Tool shaft Φ / Tool Φ30 / 450-500 mm
Air consumption 
Overall dimensions1500 x 900 x 1360
Weight440 kg

Ascending cut-off demonstration video Squadra 450 / Squadra 500

OMC Squadra 450/A (2:41)
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