Double spindle copy router Bizeta 100

Two spindle drilling machine, for multiple drilling on aluminum and PVC profile uprights

Bizeta is a double spindle pantograph with CE regulation, intended for processing as, 90 ° couplings of the fascia and the plinth.

Main Features

  • very economical
  • possibility of applying double-diameter tips
  • pneumatic starting
  • built entirely in Italy according to the most recent CE standards
  • specialist technical support from the parent company, and spare parts, H24

Bizeta is a double-spindle drilling machine with great ease of use.

The distance of the two spindles is regulated by a small handwheel placed next to it, it can be adjusted from a minimum of 28mm to a maximum of 170mm.

The 0.75HP motor starts with a two-hand system according to the current EC regulations, while the descent of the head can be manual or pneumatic, it can be adjusted in depth through a stop rod.

Accessories supplied:

  • plexiglass safety screen
  • 2 double-diameter cutters
  • service keys
  • air gun

Technical specifications


Three-phase motor0,75 HP - 220/380 V - 50 Hz - 2800 r/min.
Tip shank diameter10 mm
Variable wheelbase between the tipsMin. 28 mm Max 170 mm
Overall dimensions (Bizeta with base)800 x 750 x 1600 h
Weight (Bizeta with base)65 Kg ca.
Overall dimensions (Bizeta without base)600 x 750 x 700 h
Weight (Bizeta without base)35 Kg ca.

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