Two-head copy router IDRA

Two-head copy router for vertical and horizontal machining of aluminum and PVC profiles

IDRA is a double-head copy router that allows the profile to be worked both horizontally and vertically without rotating the profile, offering the processors a precise processing and an important saving of time and effort.

Main Features

  • 2-sided machining without rotating the profile
  • pneumatic and nebulized lubrication on both heads
  • robustness and ease of use
  • technical support specialist from parent company, and spare parts, H24
  • machine built entirely in Italy with first quality steels according to the latest CE standards

Vertical and horizontal machining of aluminum and PVC profiles


IDRA is a manual displacement pantograph that has two heads for a simple and fast processing on the vertical and horizontal axis.

It has 2 templates to copy with standard figures and 4 adjustable feelers for cutters diameter 5-8-10.

On request it is also possible to create design templates or with specific figures for every need.

The 1.5hp each engines are two-hand starting via two pushbuttons, as per current EC legislation and develop a rotation speed on the tool of 14,000 rpm, allowing a light processing, fast and a excellent finish.

During the processing the cutters are constantly lubricated by an adjustable nebulizer which starts and stops automatically with the processing to avoid waste of refrigerant oil.

Accessories supplied

  • batting auction for profile
  • n. 2 dime
  • n. 4 probes
  • n. 2 pneumatic vices
  • n. 2 8x100 cutters
  • pneumatic nebulizer
  • service keys
  • protective plexiglass screens

Optional accessories

  • Single-phase motor
  • Roller conveyor mt. 1

The machine is equipped with safety devices that eliminate any danger for the operator.

Technical specifications


Engines (2)1,5 HP cad
Three Phase220/380 V - 50 Hz
Spindle ride14.000/min.
Service pressure6 bar
Overall dimensions1100x900x1600 h
Weightca. 195 Kg
Vertical head 
Vertical processing length130 mm
Longitudinal processing length400 mm
Transversal processing length150 mm
Horizontal head 
Vertical processing lenght120 mm
Longitudinal processing lenght400 mm
Transversal processing lenght145 mm

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