Two-head copy router PM 103P

Vertical pantograph with horizontal motor unit for drilling for martellina and cremone bolt

PM 103P is a copy router for processing aluminum and PVC profiles, with manual head movement and automatic atomized lubrication. Possibility to work both on a template for copying and with mechanical stops. The machine is equipped with a 3-point manual drilling unit for inserting the hammer or cremone bolt.

Main Features

  • combined machine with double processing
  • secondary head with 3 double-diameter tips including
  • robustness and ease of use
  • specialist technical support from home mother, and spare parts, H24
  • machine built entirely in Italy with first quality steels according to the latest CE standards

Mechanical lubrication and manual probes


The PM 103P pantograph has two heads, one for vertical machining on the template and one for the horizontal drilling.

The engines develop 1.5 Hp each and start via two buttons as per current EC legislation.

The vertical motor develops a spindle speed of 14,000 rpm, while the horizontal motor with 3 drills with 1800 rpm.

The cutter, when starting the engine, is constantly lubricated by adjustable pneumatic nebulizer.

It also features a 2-pressure valve, for finger anti-crushing at the time of profile tightening.

A mechanical centering is also available on request for automatic centering of the profile, by means of special stops regulated by a steering wheel.

Accessories supplied

  • cutter D. 8 mm
  • N. 2 pneumatic vices
  • pneumatic nebulization
  • 2 manual probes
  • template for standard workings
  • feedback
  • < li>N. 2 points D.10 shank 10
  • N. 1 tip D.12 shank 10
  • service keys

Optional accessories

  • pliers D. 6-10-12 mm
  • tip diameter on request
  • swing centering
  • single-phase motor

The machine is equipped with safety devices that eliminate any danger for the operator.

Technical specifications


Three-phase motor1,5 HP 2.800 giri/min.
Three Phase220/380 V - 50 Hz
Spindle ride12.000/min.
Cutter locking pliersΦ 8 mm
Operating pressure7 atmospheres
Overall dimensions750x700x1600 h
Weightca. 130 Kg
Vertical head 
Vertical processing lenght130 mm
Longitudinal processing lenght300 mm
Transversal processing lenght150 mm

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