Main Features

  • built entirely in Italy according to the most recent CE standards
  • cast iron base
  • ISO quick release knives
  • specialist technical support from home mother, and spare parts, H24

Crimping machine for closing corners in aluminum profiles of doors and windows.
Quick and simple release system and magnetic translation of the knives.
Blade advancement on the profile, pneumatic, controlled by pedal.
The heads are adjustable in a longitudinal direction, the reading is on a metric rod and the counterthrust is hidden from the caulking surface.
The heads work simultaneously, exerting a maximum pressure of 3500Kg

Accessories supplied

  • Integral protection
  • left and right profile support
  • Service keys
  • ISO knife series
  • n. 2 Horizontal pneumatic vices
  • 20mm and 30mm aluminum counter thrusts
  • 2 profile support arms
  • 3-5-7mm knives
  • pack knives

Technical specifications


Pneumatic feedingNominal pressure 7 bar - Max pressure 10 bar
Max crimping force3500 Kgp
length of the counter thrust120 mm
Maximum crimping height120 mm
Dimension1150 x 880 x 750

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