Fence system Metrojet Eco

Loading / unloading system with check on a millimetric rod applicable to cut-off machines, drilling machines and pantographs.

Fence system applicable to single-head cutting-off machines, drilling machines and pantographs of any type and sector of work.

Main Features

  • great ease of use
  • can carry heavy bars
  • entirely built in Italy
  • VERY cheap

Loading and unloading systems for profiles of different lengths, from 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 mt, applicable to any single-head cutting-off machine, drilling machine and pantograph that needs to vary the working length of the bar.

Technical specifications


Length MT. 3Weight 80 Kg ca.
Length MT. 4Weight 125 Kg ca.
Overall dimensions3400 - 4400 x 470 x 520

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