Main features

  • built entirely in Italy with first quality steels according to the most recent CE standards
  • working range 1000 mm
  • possibility to work large profiles
  • special templates designed by the customer
  • double speed motor
  • pneumatic rotation work pine 90 °
  • specialist technical support from the parent company, and spare parts, H24

Denver is a manual milling center for small companies that want to renew themselves, increasing production with a simple and economical machine.

The movement is manual as in the pantographs, but the pneumatic feelers allow to pass from one figure to another quickly.

The pneumatic rotation of the worktop from 0 ° - 90 ° and intermediate degrees takes place completely automatically with a considerable saving of time and greater precision.

The double speed motor is suitable for processing aluminum and light alloys and plastic nateries.


  • VISUAL 1: x-axis digital dimension display
  • VISUAL 2: digital touch probe display
  • electro-spindle with speed variator 0-18.000 rpm
  • Accessories supplied

    • End mill 8mm diameter
    • Service wrenches + connecting plug
    • Nebulizer for lubrication
    • n.4 Horizontal pneumatic vices
    • Link plug

Technical specifications


R.P.M.6.000 / 12.000 1,5 HP 230/400 V. 50 Hz
Corsa verticale220 mm
Corsa longitudinale920 mm
Corsa trasversale270 mm
Pinza bloccaggio fresaØ 8 mm
Dimensioni d'ingombro1350 x 1200 - 1750 h
Peso280 kg ca.

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