Work station Raptor 3000

CNC machining center with 3 controlled motorized axes, automatic work table rotation, for windows, pergolas and industrial profiles in aluminum, PVC and stainless steel

RAPTOR 3000 is a fully automated machining center with cab programming on a Windows-based laptop PC.
The automatic swivel worktop allows automatic processing on 3 sides of the profile without repositioning it.
It does not require the operator on the machine during processing.

Main features

  • built entirely in Italy with first quality steels according to the most recent CE standards
  • field of work 3000 mm
  • possibility to work profiles 200x200
  • < li>double stop for processing longer profiles of the basement
  • graphic programming on window basis
  • portable PC for off-site programming
  • electro-spindle with speed variator 0- 18,000 rpm
  • 180 ° automatic pine work rotation
  • specialist technical support from the parent company, and spare parts, H24

Raptor is a numerically controlled milling center for companies that intend to renovate themselves, increasing production with a CNC automatic cabed machine.

The controlled X, Y, Z axes guarantee a machining precision of + or - 0.2 mm

The pneumatic rotation of the worktop from 0 ° - 90 ° - 180 ° and intermediate degrees takes place completely automatically with a considerable saving of time and greater precision.

The 3 Hp power electro-spindle with 0-18.000 rpm speed variator allows to work any material, even stainless steel up to 3 mm.

Versatile and easy to program machine.

The standard machine has a manual tool changer, but it is possible to mount an electro-spindle with automatic tool changer and have 4 ISO 20 cones as a magazine.


  • Electrospindle automatic pneumatic tool changer and 4 ISO 20 cones

Accessories supplied

  • End mill 8mm diameter
  • Service wrenches + connecting plug
  • Nebulizer for lubrication
  • n.4 Horizontal pneumatic vices

  • Link plug

Technical specifications


Total electricity consumption400 volt 5kW
Adjustable tool motor power2,2kW
RPM engine tool0-18.000 RPM
Standard tool sizeD 8 mm
Operating pressure7 atm
Air consumption8 N/l
x axis length3000 mm
y axis length500 mm
z axis length400 mm
Maximum workable profile section200 x 200 mm
optional automatic tool changer with 4 cones ISO 20yes
Automatic floor rotation-90°-0-+90°
Pneumatic lubricationyes
Workable profiles up to 3000mm longeryes
Overall dimensions4000x2000x2100 h
ProgrammingCAD/CAM su PC Windows portable
Weight1200 kg

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