Single-cutting standard drills for aluminum

Drills in HM, HSS and TICN for pantographs with manual feed or pantographs CNC machining for non-ferrous materials such as PVC, aluminum and light or ferrous alloys such as iron, steel and stainless steel. d1=4, d=8, LF=80, LT=15 d1=5, d=8, LF=80, LT=15 d1=5, d=8, LF=80, LT=20/55 d1=5, d=8, LF=100, LT=20 d1=6, d=8, LF=80, LT=15 d1=8,…


We can make tools for any type of processing and materials, both for cutting and for milling profiles in aluminum, PVC, steel and inox steel.