HM blades for cutting aluminum and pvc profiles that can be
supplied of any size also silenced for positive or negative cutting.

D = External diameter
S = Thickness)
DF = Hole diameter
N.d = Number of teeth

D=250, S=3.2, DF=30, N.d=80
D=300, S=3.4 DF=30, N.d=84
D=330, S=3.4 DF=30, N.d=84
D=350, S=3.6 DF=30, N.d=84
D=400, S=3.8 DF=30, N.d=96
D=420, S=4,0 DF=30, N.d=96
D=450, S=4,0 DF=30, N.d=112
D=500, S=4.2 DF=30, N.d=112
D=550, S=4.6, DF=30, N.d=120
D=600, S=4.8 DF=30, N.d=140
D=700, S=5,0 DF=30, N.d=200
D=700, S=5,0 DF=35, N.d=200

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