Tools Standard aluminum and PVC circular blades teeth shown in HM

HM blades for cutting aluminum and PVC profiles that can be supplied in any size, even silenced for positive or negative cutting.

Main Features

d1=4, d=8, LF=80, LT=15
d1=5, d=8, LF=80, LT=15
d1=5, d=8, LF=80, LT=20/55
d1=5, d=8, LF=100, LT=20
D = Outer diameter
S = Thickness
DF = Hole diameter
N.d = Number of teeth

D=250, S=3.2, DF=30, N.d=80
D=300, S=3.4 DF=30, N.d=84
D=330, S=3.4 DF=30, N.d=84
D=350, S=3.6 DF=30, N.d=84
D=400, S=3.8 DF=30, N.d=96
D=420, S=4,0 DF=30, N.d=96
D=450, S=4,0 DF=30, N.d=112
D=500, S=4.2 DF=30, N.d=112
D=550, S=4.6, DF=30, N.d=120
D=600, S=4.8 DF=30, N.d=140
D=700, S=5,0 DF=30, N.d=200
D=700, S=5,0 DF=35, N.d=200

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